Forensic evidence showed the child was beaten so severely that

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moncler outlet Three men have been arrested for allegedly beating to death three men who were suspected of cattle theft in north Bengal. The family of one of the deceased men has filed a police complaint, saying all three were innocent construction workers. The police deny that the killings had a communal angle. moncler outlet

cheap moncler jackets A result of the “exorcism” conducted by Milam, Amora suffered innumerable injuries that led to her death. Forensic evidence showed the child was beaten so severely that the multitude of fractures to her skull connected with go to website each other like a jigsaw puzzle, and her brain was torn and severely damaged. An arm and leg had spiral fractures indicating they were twisted in two, her torso was either struck by a blunt object or squeezed until the ribs and sternum broke, and her body (neck, chest, abdomen, buttocks, both elbows, both forearms, both feet, right arm, left shoulder, left upper arm, left hand, right thigh, and left knee) was riddled with no less than twenty four distinct bite marks. cheap moncler jackets

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